cross clipart free colored and uncolored versions

cross clipart free colored and uncolored versions

I haven't posted regularly lately, between the holiday Blah's that have had me in a tai...

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Simple sand dollar christmas tree ornaments

Simple sand dollar christmas tree ornaments

I am known for my creativity in the family, so when the stumble across something they think ...

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Holiday Blah and 8 free clipart frames

Holiday Blah and 8 free clipart frames

Well, The Holiday's have had me in a funk, like they always manage to do. I've tried to ...

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breaking Thanksgiving Protocol

breaking Thanksgiving Protocol

Thanksgiving 2016, It feels like the end of an era. Im not sure if I should breathe a sign ...

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cross clipart free colored and uncolored versions

I haven't posted regularly lately, between the holiday Blah's that have had me in a tailspin, and the holiday orders that have had me jumping for joy, Ive just been caught up in life and haven't really had a chance to post, or even to fully process all the thoughts in my head. 

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as Im sure you may have noticed the cooking posts have been at a minimum lately, but that is because our little plantationites have all grown up. I clung to them for as long as I could, but the facts are what they are. Those folks who until now have needed me, if for no other reason than to fill and empty belly, no longer need me for that either. Now don't get me wrong, I am proud that i have raised people who are on the go, and out loving, and living life, and can afford to buy themselves a meal on the go. I am as pleased as punch that they are thriving in the real world. 

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But I am also a little depressed that they no longer need me at all. Food, that was my offering of value, the last thing they still needed me for. But they no longer need me for even that. Yes folks, the seasons of my life are changing, and I don't feel like I am ready for retirement from my old job, but when that job is no longer a position your company has a need for anyone to do, what do you do but retire, and try to find other interests? At the moment, my interest is Adobe photoshop, and adobe illustrator, and of course making decals and t-shirts.

cross, colored cross uncolored also available for any use crafts, silhouette cut files, scrapbooking, more

colored version also available on my blog for any use blog art, clip art, free clipart images

Yes folks, it's up to you now to give this old goat a reason to roll out of bed every morning. No one needs a booboo bandaged, a fever checked, a hot cooked meal anymore, not that I am discounting the grandbabies, but I am not solely managing that, they have a mom of their own, and all but my Ryan are on the cusp of leaving the nest.  So I am counting on you folks to need a sticker, a decal, a tshirt to fill that new found void in my life, so I still feel like I contribute something in this world. 

If you want to buy from my Esty shop here are a couple of my best selling items for you to consider i offer on etsy, top three selling items on my etsy sticker and decal shop, decals for your yeti cup

also here are 3 crosses, I am offering you a colored version and a line drawing version of each and they are as always free for you to do whatever you would like with them, commercial, or personal use. They were inspired by the loss of a young life in our community recently, only 18 or 19 years old and she got caught up in drugs and headed down a dark path and I guess God just saw fit to take her out of that lifestyle early rather than let her struggle with it for years. I had a prophetic dream about this child's passing that haunted me for days, and I won't get into all of that disturbia in this post, but after a few days of mourning for this child who was no more than an aquaintence to our family, and putting to bed the idea that my dream could have saved her, not to mention counting my blessings because she is my childrens age and I could very well be that mother laying her child to rest. I have lay that aside, and send thoughts and prays to and for the family, and thanks and prayers to God for not making it one of my own. 

I apologize, I could ramble on and on about this young girls passings, But I am trying not too.

So anyway, out of this tragedy came these crosses that I hope you guys can find a use for in your blogs, and crafts, and scrapbooks, and whatever other creatively brilliant ideas you can think of...

Peace and love to all..

Good Night from this old Plantationite


Simple sand dollar christmas tree ornaments

I am known for my creativity in the family, so when the stumble across something they think Ill have fun with they bring them to me. This time I was given some sand dollars. So Clarissa and I made some sand dollar christmas tree ornaments.

We only used three things in this craft, and the hardest part was waiting for them to dry.

Here is our results..

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fun christmas ornaments made from sand dollars, fun sand dollar ideas, sand dollar crafts,

You can't tell by the pictures but the paint has a hint of glitter to it that I think will look awesome against the Christmas lights.

We used Rustoleum Multi-colored textured sandstone spray paint
and Raffia that we got at the Dollar tree

We took our sand dollars outside and sprayed them and let them dry, and then Clarissa helped me string the raffia on them and now they are ready to go on our Christmas tree..

I think I want to do a natural tree this year..

I want to string my own cranberries and popcorn for garland, and use these sand dollars and other natural things we can find around.. Maybe next Clarissa and I can make some grapevine, or pine cone, or acorn ornaments to go on our tree too.. There are so many natural things around we can create a beautiful tree with, and the thought of Clarissa telling her kids and grand kids about that time she helped WeeWoo make all the ornaments for the tree will be an awesome way to live on long after I'm gone.

To date the Christmas tree that my children still talk about, infact the only one they seem to ever mention is the one when we lived in Jackson SC, Hubby and I had split up for a while and I packed the kids up and we moved 45 minutes away from everyone and everything we knew to start a new life. As a single mama of 4 there was no Christmas ornament budget, so we all sat down together and strung up every happy meal toy they ever had and put them on that tree.. Barbie and Hotwheels was the happy meal theme them and so a few dollars on Christmas lights and a little time on stringing those happy meal toys to be ornaments and stringing popcorn into garland, and a tree was born. It wasn;t anything pretty and fancy. But it is the most memorable of all the Christmas trees this family ever had.

I want to make that mark on Clarissa too. I want a tree this year that is the one she remembers when she is 85, and when she and Paisley and Mama move away from the plantation and have their own home I want to be able to send the sand dollar ornaments we made together with her to remember our time together..

Show me pics of your Christmas tree, or Christmas crafts in comments.. share your links.. I want to see how you do Christmas..

Holiday Blah and 8 free clipart frames

Well, The Holiday's have had me in a funk, like they always manage to do.

I've tried to post a blog post for days now, and each one ends up sounding doom and gloom-ish, and so I delete and go do something else. Holiday's bring out the worst in me. I want to love the Holiday's. But it is so stressful for me.

I did create some awesome frames clipart images that are free to use any way you'd like. That was my stress reliever through Thanksgiving.

clipart frames, frames, printable place cards, printable gift card frames, gift tag ideas, business card frames, blog art,

In other news though I have not just sat around and felt sorry for myself. I have been productive.. Here are some more frames I made. They are as always free for you to enjoy in any way you'd like. They are printable, editable, color-able and ok to use commercially. I would love to see what you do with my clip art images if you use them. I always love seeing peoples creativity in action. Share in comments what you did with them. That would make my day.

frames for place cards, ediitable printable clipart images for any use

breaking Thanksgiving Protocol

dreaded thanksgiving, holiday tradition, family holiday, celebrating the holidays, stressing the holidays

Thanksgiving 2016, It feels like the end of an era. Im not sure if I should breathe a sign of relief, or mourn it's passing. Im in emotional limbo about it all at the moment.

This is the year my son inherited the family curse. Arguing over the Holiday agenda. Her family has this thing going on, our family had another thing going on, both want to celebrate with their folks, and it becomes a tug of war that no one really wins.

I don't want to do that to my children. I don't want to make them fight with their spouse on their day off that is meant for enjoying family. I don;t want to make them chose between their pleasing the spouse or pleasing me on a day that is meant for enjoying family. There is no joy in fighting with, or hurting the ones you love.

I know it is tradition to come together and surround yourself with your nearest and dearest on the holidays, and should be a wonderful tradition. But it is a tradition that sucks. I know some families are blessed with festive joy over the holiday gatherings, and everything just works out wonderfully for them, but it isn't the case with my family, and given the number of TV shows, and phone calls from the brother in-law who couldn't make it this year sadness at the holidays is rampant.

Tradition is defined as
  1. 1.
    the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.
    "every shade of color is fixed by tradition and governed by religious laws"
    synonyms:historical convention, unwritten law, 
  2. 2.
    a doctrine believed to have divine authority though not in the scriptures, in particular.

The very definition is religious in nature according to Merriam-Webster, which sort of leaves you in a quandary doesn't it? Do you go by the law that governs all man, and respect the 10 commandments that say "honor thy father and mother" or do you respect the vow you made before God, to "love honor and cherish him til death do you part forsaking all others?"

As a loving parent, I feel like it is my job to make my children's lives a little easier, and this dilemma parent vs. spouse should be a non issue for them. I have always opted on the side of spending the rare time with my parents, because 1. they are busy and holidays are about the only time they stop to "play" family for a day, and 2. because I feel like my time with them is a lot less than my time with hubby and when they are gone I don't feel like I will have any regrets about missed opportunities the spend time with them. Hubby and I will have all the rest of those years to share holidays, and not to mention he and I share every other day of the year, so I don't really mind the parting of the ways for him to go be with his family that he rarely gets to enjoy, while I spend time with mine which i rarely get to enjoy.

I know my in laws must think I just don't like them, and that couldn't be farther from the truth, But I think it's more a case of hubby and I still want to once or twice a year go back in time and try one more time to have that something special with our mothers.

I think we kind of understand that about each other. At least I hope so.

All of this is to say, I learned a lot this year, about the fact that my family will never be the family I dream them up to be all the 364 other days of the year, and Ive learned that faking it for one day, doesn't not a family make, and I've  wasted a lot of years on people who can barely waste a day on me.. I've learned that I don't want to be that Holiday planning parent that causes her children grief on holidays choosing between her family and his, or his family vs hers, or which way to break God's heart.

I like to believe my children love me, and want to see me at least sometimes and in that fact I believe that I won't need a tradition filled with headache and stress to get to spend time with them. I want to believe my children will make time for me off and on all the days of the year simply because they want to be around me, and not because it's some messed up tradition and they feel like they "have to"...

I suppose tradition, and keeping it up can be great, but for those of us who do it, because we feel like we have to... WHY? Why do we feel like we have to? What will happen if we don't? Why would we cause ourself that kind of stress when life goes on weather we buy into it or not? If life can go on with the death of loved ones, the permanent loss of those we care for, they why cant it go on if we break thanksgiving protocol?

Well, these are just the rambling thoughts of an old fool who hopes your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

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