The best chicken I ever made recipe

The best chicken I ever made recipe

I don't have a picture of this recipe so Ill improvise and share a picture from my families recent Tybee vacation... Ok so this ...

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My top 5 in my feelings songs

My top 5 in my feelings songs

I don't know about you but sometimes I get in my feelings more than I should and when I do I turn to music therapy to sooth my soul.. T...

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Random randomness about our Tybee Island vacation at Creekside Livin' 5 stars from the Plantionites...

Random randomness about our Tybee Island vacation at Creekside Livin' 5 stars from the Plantionites...

It's been roughly 3 months since my last blog entry. My emotional state took a turn, and I just didn't feel of value, and so I didn&...

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venison (deer) corn casserole

venison (deer) corn casserole

As I'm sure I have mentioned before, I love a casserole. You can turn just about anything into a casserole. Tonight I turned ground ve...

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The best chicken I ever made recipe

I don't have a picture of this recipe so Ill improvise and share a picture from my families recent Tybee vacation...

fun at the beach, beach vacation art, melissa powell, melissa osborne, orignal painting, original art,

Ok so this isn't a picture of us vacationing, but it's a painting I painted while on that Tybee vacation, so.... Eye candy???

Im still missing the island atmosphere and the way I felt there, and am certain that one day I will live there. In the mean time I have discovered Mary Kay Andrews, a writer who writes about Savannah and Tybee to tide me over. She is worth the read.

Anyway, what you came here for... The recipe, that i wish i had gotten a picture of.. Sorry...

This recipe is loosely based on a recipe my mother inlaw made once, that she called Sunday chicken.

Her version used campbell's cream of mushroom soup, and lebanon bologna instead of salami, but since no local grocer sells Lebanon bologna anymore we went with Genoa Salami..

****This recipe could easily be made in the crock pot..


2 packages fresh baby spinach
1 package froze chicken tenders
6-8 slices genoa salami
2 cups chicken broth
1 block softened cream cheese
1 cup slices mushrooms
salt, pepper, and garlic to taste (note salami is already salted so you wont need quite as much salt as in other dishes)
layer the fresh baby spinach in the bottom of your casserole dish, on top of that layer your genoa salami slices to cover entire pan, add chicken to the top of that , then mushrooms evenly over the top of that..
In a bowl mix softened cream cheese, chicken broth, an salt, pepper, and garlic until well blended, pour this mixture evenly over contents of casserole dish and cover with tinfoil bake for 2 hours at 375 degrees, remove foil, and bake an additional 1 hour (i cooked my chicken from frozen, if your chicken is thawed you wont need to cook it as long.)
to cook in crock pot I'd follow the instructions the same and set it to cook for 4 hours if chicken is thawed 6 hours if frozen
The broth the chicken makes would go great over noodles or rice

My top 5 in my feelings songs

I don't know about you but sometimes I get in my feelings more than I should and when I do I turn to music therapy to sooth my soul.. These are my top 5 go do songs I go to when I need a dose of music to drown out the daily bullshiz...

#5 Ray LaMontagne - Let it be me

#4 Bellamy Brothers - Old Hippie

#3 Kris Kristofferson -Why me Lord

Cristy Lane - One day at a time

Ferlin Huskey - Wings of a snow white dove

Random randomness about our Tybee Island vacation at Creekside Livin' 5 stars from the Plantionites...

It's been roughly 3 months since my last blog entry. My emotional state took a turn, and I just didn't feel of value, and so I didn't feel my blog posts were of value either. That, and I just ran out of thoughts. Those stories, recipes, jokes, craft ideas, They all went away and were replaced but a steady humming "you don't matter", "you aren't good at anything", no one cares about you", "why would they?"

I'd like to pinpoint the issue, and say it's my hubby who is forever grumpy and complaining about everything, Bless his heart he cannot find the joy in ANYTHING. (he wasn't always this way). I'd like to say it's my manipulative, self serving, 25 year old daughter who is equally angry at life, and has negativity oozing from every pore. Both think I am the worst thing that ever happened to them. I could blame it on the fact that my children are grown, they don't need me anymore. Except the oldest who will likely go to her grave needing someone. Maybe in part its some of those things, topped with some old wounds that never healed.

I could write a book trying to self diagnose why I have the mega depression, that has grabbed me by "this little light of mine", and won't let it shine, or even let me feel the warmth of it. But, I have no idea what exactly is going on inside of me. But here I am vacationing on Tybee Island this week and looking at the cute little things in the shops and saying, "nah, i don't need that, I wont be around long enough to enjoy it." I sat here last night watching my family through the wall of windows that separates the screened porch from the living area, there was my family, interacting and doing fine, living life, laughing, smiling, I was glad they were happy. It saddened me, but it also made me feel good knowing they are going to carry on just fine without me.

That nagging voice inside is telling me to live it up because this is my last vacation, I don't know if my intuition knows what she is talking about or not. But, I want to make these memories and I want them to be good, because this could very well be the last vacation where all of my family is under the same roof at the same time, and I so very much want them to have amazing memories of us all together. Not sure how possible that will be with my two negative Nelly's dripping their negativity all over it, but I'm giving it all I've got. That is all I can do.

Now, with all of that out of the way, let me tell you about the amazing vacation so far...

We rented a house at Tybee, named, Creekside Livin' and it is amazing. It's on a tidal creek and just 2 doors down from the 4H center, Before we came I checked out the 4H camps facebook page and they have pictures of dolphins, and otters playing around in the tidal creek that our dock sits on, so I am hopeful that we get to see some of that. But even if we don't this is still a wonderful place.

Loving life on tybee easter 2017, family dying easter eggs

those are some super loved little diva's who have brought together two families who mostly keep to themselves
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fishing at creekside livin on tybee island, we mostly caught crabs and tadpole fish, we heard the dolphins playing it the creek but it was late at night we didn't get to see them

mr. raccoon, caught promptly, fun to watch, but rabies and all, creekside livin' t tybee, dreams coming true, want to move to tybee
Mr. Racoon from the house next door. 

we actually had 2 docks, a dock on posts and also a floating dock, we loved it here, if you rent on tybee this is the place to rent its like a little slice of paradise
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tybee island, creekside livin', as close to heave ans a living person can get, I want to go back, Im not finished vacationing at tybee, tybee take me away, retiring here,
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The person who own it must be into gardening, because the courtyard area is covered in pretty plants and we are here at the right time of year to see some of the pretty things bloom. Some things I can identify, eucalyptus, roses bushes, bamboo, and crepe myrtle, then their are other things I'm no so certain of, like the stuff that reminds me of yellow jasmine but i wouldn't swear to it in court, and that thing that looks like an spider plant but I know Spider plants are an indoor hanging basket and this stuff is outside. There is a greenhouse here, and it is unlocked, I looked inside, but it wasn't advertised as part of our amenities, so I've left it alone, which is best anyway because I don't have a green thumb at all. I have the black thumb of death. My granny would disown me. She could grow anything. A gift I did not inherit.

I started this post at the beach, but we are home now, our 6 days passed and it was fantastic. I hated to see it end. I want more than anything to move there, to rent one of those little one room apartments and paint and create artsy things and live in the salty ocean atmosphere. My youngest Ryan doesn't drive yet, he just turned 15, and so its too early for me to pack up and head out, but as soon as we get him to status licensed driver I feel certain I will be so outta here..

relaxing in the sun, sunning on tybee, fun in the sun, our last hurrah, tybee life,

my inner beach bum never wanted to come home to the dingy world i left behind, give me tybee or give me death, creekside livin on tybee, loving life for a while, tybee tidal pools full of hermit crabs and shark teeth, ryan the shark tooth finder,

beach bum, beach bumming, baby beach bum, tybee baby, tybee baby, tybee vacation, tybee tidal pools, a week isnt enough on tybee,

learning to walk on tybee, first moments on tybee, things to do on tybee, learn to walk, learn to walk on the beach, love tybee, tybee take us away, we want to live on tybee

The one thing hubby and I agree on is our love for our children. I'd never pack up and take ran away from him and his brother and sisters, and nieces. I have to get him set up with a licence and a car so he can be with which ever parent or sibling he would like to be spending time with. I don't want him or any of them to have to chose between us. But he is 15 old enough for a learners permit and on the cusp of old enough for a restricted licence which could take him to and from either place he would like to me.

I guess this blog post is a log winded thing you care nothing about, and that's fine, if you don't like it, you are free to go.. I am coming to a chapter in my life where I no longer have to care what anyone thinks, or feels, I am coming to a chapter in life that will be all about me, that's something Ive never known. I do;t have to drag myself out of bed with a fever to take a child to a football or cheerleading practice I don't feel like being at, I don't have to cook that sommna bitch supper only to hear how awful it, and I am. Im at a place where It's OK if I just tend to me for a while. Or nearing it.. I still have to get Ryan that licence.

I guess if I had to liken my life to a song, there are two Id choose.

Reba McEntire _ life out there

and Tim McGraw _ Angry all the time

Well that all I want to say this post. Ill hopefully get more into writing again now that Ive stopped to take a breath and enjoy a week of bliss.. I guess time will tell.. Peace out all...

venison (deer) corn casserole

As I'm sure I have mentioned before, I love a casserole. You can turn just about anything into a casserole. Tonight I turned ground venison (deer) into a casserole. Casseroles are great for cleaning the fridge out of leftovers, and are usually fairly easy to make. If I were teaching someone to cook, I think one of the first dishes I would teach would be casseroles. Anyone can make a casserole.

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I was watching "The Chew" today, and they were discussing casseroles, and what each person thought a casserole consists of. One thought casseroles always had to have Campbell's soup, another thought a casserole always had to have cheese. What do you think is a required ingredient in a casserole?

I personally think anything can be a casserole, but it has to have cheese.. But I am a cheese lover so I put cheese on like I put Franks Red hot on.. I put that shit on everything.

deer recipe, wild game recipe, how to cook venison, how to cook deer, ground deer recipe, ground venison recipe

Tonight's casserole is made from a mixture of ground pork and ground venison. The deer meat was ground with bacon so it was ground bacon/venison to start with, and I kicked it up a notch with the ground pork. You want to add fat to your deer meat no matter the cut because it is a very lean meat and just isn't good without the added fat.

I also don't like the smell of venison cooking. For me you have to pair deer meat with very strong and very aromatic ingredients or that smell will stay in your house for days. I don't mean to sound down on deer meat. Deer meat is awesome cooked right. But if you have never cooked it then I would advise doing some research on techniques and tricks, and recipes.. Read lots of recipes, see what they have in common, then go from there.

how to cook wild game, how to get the gamy flavor out of deer, casserole recipe, casserole idea, versatile casserole idea, versatile casserole idea

The strong flavors I paired with the ground deer tonight were lot's of onions, strongly brewed black coffee, garlic, basil, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, franks red hot, Those smells are far more pleasant to me and will over power that deer smell easily.

The girls aren't here to try out the venison casserole but it is hubby approved, and also approved by the two sons so winner winner ground deer dinner..

After the casserole recipe scroll down and you will find a bonus recipe in this post. I didn't get pics so I'm not giving it its own post, but it's an oven recipe for deer onion rope sausage. It includes beer and some other things and they loved it too.

cooking deer, deer meat, cooking deer meat, cooking venison, cooking wild deer, great deer casserole, great casserole for wild game meat, wild game meat

Venison (deer) casserole

1 lb ground venison (deer)
1/2 lb ground pork (chicken or pork sausage will work too)
2/3 cup diced yellow onion
1/4 cup diced jalapenos ( I didn't use the jalapenos this time but usually do)
1 can whole kernel corn drained
1/4 stick butter
1/3 cup strong black coffee
3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 tbsp minced garlic
2 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp sweet basil
1-1/2 tbsp black pepper
1-1/2 cups ketchup
1/4 cup franks red hot
1 tsp sugar
1/4 cup ranch powder
1/3 cup chicken broth (optional - see notes after recipe)
1 bag frozen home style fries (tater tots, or hash browns work well here too)
1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (for top)

cassrole idea, casserole maindish, casserole man dish, venison cassrole,bonus recipe, deer recipe, deer idea, cooking deer, cooking venison
in cast iron skillet melt your butter and add your minced garlic, sweet basil, onion, chili powder, black pepper, (if using fresh jalapenos add them now, if canned or from a jar add later)
give these ingredients a good stir and cook for about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes over medium high heat (between 6 and 7 on my electric stove) Just until hot, onions will not be done at this point

add ground venison, and ground pork and cook until meat is mostly brown but you still see some pink in it.. add your corn, jalapenos, black coffee, Worcestershire sauce, continue cooking until meat is fully cooked stirring frequently

In separate bowl mix ketchup franks red hot and 1 tsp sugar, and ranch powder and set aside

line a casserole dish with french fries or hash browns (even layer) pour meat and all of its drippings over fries evenly

Pour the ketchup mixture over that layer

top with cheese

bake uncovered for 35 minutes at 400 degrees or until cheese is brown.

add parsley or jalapenos for garnish (optional)

Recipe notes and variation

this recipe can be used with any ground meat but if using beef Id back off the pepper, chili powder, and Worcestershire sauce a little

ketchup mixture can be stirred into meat instead of added as another layer if you chose

your meat mixture should have plenty of liquid for the fries on bottom to absorb most liquid and still leave you with a moist but not soupy casserole, If your meat mixture seems a little dry add the chicken broth if it seems OK leave this off.. (if you have ever made tacos from a seasoning package your liquid to meat ratio should look similar to that when you have just added the water. If you aren't sure leave it off try it and learn from it what to do next time.. In my opinion is far better to have fries that are too dry than too soggy... you can always add ketchup or some other sauce if its too dry.. Not much you can do with too soggy,

Some other add-in, or topping ideas are, black beans, salsa, Rotel, diced tomatoes, diced bell peppers, pepper jack cheese, pimentos, chick peas, french fried onions on top, crushed chips, crackers, or bread crumbs, crumbled bacon, green peas, (just be mindful of liquid content no one likes soggy fries)

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All of my recipes are easy and very versatile.. So, experiment, share your ideas and results, Id love to know..

Now  for that bonus recipe

Venison (deer) onion rope sausage in the oven

1 lb venison (deer) onion rope sausage
1 yellow onion sliced into fairly thick slices
1 red bell pepper sliced
1 green bell pepper sliced
1 tbsp minced garlic
1/2 stick butter
1 can miller high life beer
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tbsp chili powder
3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp red pepper flakes
1/3 cup franks red hot
1/4 cup grape jelly
1 tbsp black pepper
1 tsp celery salt
2 tbsp Italian dressing powder
salt to taste (you won't need much because of the salt in the Worcestershire and celery salt)

melt butter, add all dry spices (onion powder, chili powder, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and celery salt, Italian dressing powder mix) give it a good stir until its heated through

Slice sausage rope into equal length pieces.. (I cut mine into about 3 inch slices)

when butter and spices are heated add beer, Worcestershire and minced garlic, and grape jelly and give another good stir to mix well and jelly had liquefied.

add all other ingredients (onion, peppers, sausage)

stir and simmer for about 2 minutes on medium low (about 4 or 5 on my electric oven)

cover and pop mixture into a preheated 350 degree oven for about 1 hour

remove lid adjust temperature to 400 degrees and cook and addition 20-30 minutes or so to reduce some of the liquid

then serve the juices are good sopped up with bread, toast, or over egg noodles or rice.

recipe notes

Grape jelly you say?? Yes... It's no different than adding red wine, except it doesn't have the alcohol content. This recipe already has alcohol in the beer you add so, grape jelly works perfectly here..

You could add any flavor jelly (jalapeno jelly might even be great here) I wouldn't recommend a jelly that has seeds tho.

miller high life beer could be substituted for another beer if you prefect a different flavor, even an apple ale might be awesome in this recipe

I think rosemary would lend itself very well to this dish too (I haven't tried that yet but I think it would be awesome)

mushrooms would be tasty in this dish, but if adding them I would add them closer to the end of cooking time, like maybe when you uncover the dish to bake a little longer.

My hubby loves Franks red hot as much as I do so he ate his with a side of franks for dipping, if you like it extra red hot you could add some to the side for dipping

a dipping sauce we enjoy here for rope sausage or anything really, is 1 cup franks red hot, to 2 tbsp ranch powder mixed well

I hope you have enjoyed my post.. I would love comments, corrections, constructive criticisms, compliments, anything you have to offer is welcome. It's nice to know someone read me..

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy evening from the plantation.

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